Battery Maintenance Tips

What to do

  • Match the battery to the correct charger based on the manufacturer’s specification. Incorrect charger can shorten the life of your battery!
  • Recharge the battery daily unless the battery has been lightly discharged through underutilisation.
  • Lift the battery compartment lid where possible when charging to assist ventilation and air-cooling.
  • Use only approved distilled or deionised battery water to top-up the battery. Impurities in tap water can shorten the life of your battery!
  • Keep the battery and tray clean and dry at all times.
  • Keep all the metal connections and bolted terminals tight and covered with a film of petroleum jelly.
  • Check the condition of charging plug, socket and cable for wear and damage to insulation and for burning of contacts.
  • Check water after charging.


What not to do

  • Don’t leave the battery in a discharged state for more than a day.
  • Don’t overcharge the battery by re-charging more frequently or longer periods than is necessary to restore the capacity used. Overcharging cooks the battery and shortens its life dramatically.
  • Don’t remove the cells vent plugs when charging.
  • Don’t over-top the cell with battery water. Top up electrolyte with battery water to only slightly above the separator level in each cell. Over-topping causes the acid to spill out during charging. See Fig A.
  • Don’t use metal vessels or jugs to store or dispense battery water or acid. Add acid to the cells.
  • Don’t tamper with the chargers. Any necessary setting or repair should be undertaken only by qualified personnel.

Battery Maintenance Tips and Tricks

  • This battery generates Hyrdrogen gas. Keep sparks, flames, cigarettes away.
  • Charge this battery only at well ventilated places. Avoid shorts or sparks.
  • Battery filled with acid. Do not spill.
  • Read instruction manual of vehicle of battery before fitting/checking the battery.