Sumi Forklift Batteries

Is your Sumi Forklift not running at its usual best? Aussie Forklift Batteries can supply replacement batteries for a wide range of Sumi models. The following list contains Sumi Forklift models that are most commonly supplied. Simply click the enquiry button next to your forklift model to enquire about availability.

Can’t find your model? Don’t worry! Simply fill in the form to the right of the page, and we will contact you regarding availability of your specific forklift battery.
Model Enquire
Sumi Conda Straddle Stacker Enquire Now
Sumi BOA Walkie Counterbalance Stacker - "Legless" Enquire Now
Sumi Mamba Powered Pallet Truck Enquire Now
Sumi Viper Heavy Duty Reach Truck Enquire Now
Sumi Cobra Heavy Duty Counterbalance Stacker - Legless Enquire Now
Sumi Python Straddle Stacker - Heavy Duty Enquire Now

Enquiry Form

  • Supply the actual battery model TYPE, amp hour capacity, voltage and weight of the battery as located on the side of the Battery Tray ID Plate